Free classes in print, design, and marketing

360 and our sister company, Blackbuck Marketing, are now offering FREE monthly classes in 2018.

Each class will give you valuable tips and tricks about print, design, and marketing that you can use immediately in your job.

All classes meet from 11 a.m. to noon at our offices, 2009 Windy Terrace, Cedar Park, TX 78613.

We love getting to meet our clients (existing and potential) in person, and we love sharing ideas with you. Sign up now for as many classes as you like. Only 10 spots are available per class, so register now!


2018 Class Registration

Sign up for monthly classes about design and marketing with 360 Press Solutions and Blackbuck Marketing.


Upcoming class descriptions

August 10 | PRINT LIKE A BOSS: Get the Color You Want

Ever wondered why what you see on your computer screen sometimes doesn’t match the first printed proof you receive? Learn the fascinating story behind how color gets made in print and how to set up the color in your files so that your proofs and print pieces look just the way you envisioned them.

September 14 | MARKETING SMARTS: Social Media for the Perennially Busy

Let’s see a show of hands: how many of you are responsible for your organization’s social media – and perpetually finding that it keeps slipping to the bottom of your to-do list? Keeping up with social media can be time-consuming, so we’ll give you some smart strategies for keeping that part of your job more manageable.

October 12 | MARKETING SMARTS: Create a Marketing Calendar

Want a smarter way to plan out your marketing strategy for the year? Create a marketing calendar so that you know what steps to take each week of the year. You’ll receive a handy, fillable template that you can use to map out your own plan for 2019.

November 9 | PRINT LIKE A BOSS: Preparing Files for Print

Graphic designers! Have you ever wondered why what you design on your screen doesn’t quite work as planned when it comes time to print? Get ahead of your fellow designers – and impress your clients by saving them money – by learning how to set up files properly for print production.

December 14 | PRINT LIKE A BOSS: What is High-Res and Why Do I Keep Getting Asked for It?

Ever been told that your photo is not “high-res” enough and wondered what on earth you’re supposed to do about it? Learn more about photo resolution, why it matters, what the standards are for print and online, and how you can work with your existing images to get the results you need.


Past class descriptions

January 10 | DESIGN SERIES: Get Started with InDesign

Are you responsible for laying out your company’s newsletter, magazine, or brochures? Learn how to make InDesign, Adobe’s powerful page layout software, work for you.

February 9 | PRINT LIKE A BOSS: Your Print Questions Answered

This fun class will help you get more print savvy. Learn how to save yourself print and mailing costs and design time, and get an insider’s peek into how things work on our shop floor!

March 9 | MARKETING SMARTS: Better Cell Phone Photography

If you are responsible for any of your organization’s marketing, you know how hard it can be to build a good photo library to use for online and print promotion. In this class, learn how to get better photos out of the camera you carry everywhere with you – your cell phone! Then teach your colleagues and start building that photo library. Bring your smartphone to class.

April 13 | DESIGN SERIES: Get Started with Photoshop

You know that Photoshop has a million bells and whistles that can help improve your photos. But where to begin? This class will start you with some great beginner tips for correcting color, cropping, and working with layers.

May 11 | MARKETING SMARTS: Branding Your Company / Organization

It’s time. Your organization has reached that point where you need a better logo – more than that, you need an entire polished, professional brand. But what does this involve and what will it help your company achieve? This class will give you a step-by-step guide to how branding works and the rationale you need to get your colleagues committed to branding.

June 8 | PRINT LIKE A BOSS: How to Do Direct Mail the Smart Way

Direct mail is still one of the most successful marketing tools in your kit. (In fact, direct mail is likelier to get opened than email.) But there are smart ways to do direct mail and there are needlessly expensive and ineffective ways to do it. Learn the tips and tricks that will put your marketing dollars to best use.

July 13 | DESIGN SERIES: Get Started with Illustrator

Are you that person who needs to draw but “can’t draw”? Learn how to put Adobe’s powerful software program Illustrator to work for you. Create your own original art to use in your online and print marketing without having to be an art wiz.